THE NEWS BUNDLE: 'One Tree Hill' Creator Teams with J.J. Abrams for New CW Pilot

J.J. Abrams started his television career in 1998 with the now cult hit Felicity, which still holds a great reputation to this very day. Since, Abrams has had projects at every other network, besides The WB, or The CW. Now, he seeks to change that as he's coming back home with creator of One Tree Hill Mark Schwahn.

The duo have effectively pitched a pilot called Maine, a hotel drama, to the network, and currently has a script commitment over at The CW. If they like what they read, then the episode will go to pilot, and from there, possibly become a series in May.

The drama is character-driven, much like how Felicity and OTH were, and is said to be "set at an inn in Maine and revolves around the staff and the inn’s guests." Schwahn will write, while both he and Abrams will executive produce, with Abrams' Bad Robot and Schwahn's Mastermind Laboratories coming into play.

Maine joins CW's other high-profile project Deadman, being written by Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural. Ironically, Abrams and Kripke are no strangers, as the two are also working together on a possible NBC series called Revolution, an "epic adventure thriller" that has won a pilot over at the peacock, with Abrams' Bad Robot producing that as well.

One Tree Hill returns mid-season to air its ninth and final season on The CW.

SOURCE: Deadline