THE NEWS BUNDLE: 'The Vampire Diaries' To Kill Off Major Character in Early 2012?

Death and The Vampire Diaries have gone quite hand in hand over the years. From Anna, Jenna, and Vicki, to John, Lexi, and Pearl, the mythology-heavy vampire series has never been afraid to kill off supporting characters left and right. But, what would just happen if the series killed off one of the main characters? It seems that later this season, that could indeed become a reality.

Well, that's at least what Julie Plec is planting in the minds of the fans.

TV Guide spoke with the co-creator/executive producer about what's to come for the rest of the season, and she said, "There is definitely a major character whose fate is looking bleak. [He or she] may not come out the other side of a terrible life-or-death situation."

So, who could it be? Will Klaus' reign of terror come to a violent end, and will the heroes be dancing on his grave? Will Tyler lay down on the line for Klaus, and will it result in his death in the process? Or, could the surrogate father in Alaric be the next adult in the series to risk their life? Does Matt being the only human left on the show make him the most vulnerable/expendable?

We'll just have to see...

The Vampire Diaries returns January 5th at 8PM on The CW, continuing its third season run.