THE NEWS BUNDLE: Future of 'Beavis & Butthead' Now In Jeopardy?

Last year, MTV made an impressive move that put Beavis & Butthead back on the air with new episodes after 14 years. Many would think this vow of confidence would mean that the series would continue for some time. However, in great MTV fashion, not too many series live that long now-a-days if it doesn't revolve around stupidity or teen pregnancy. MTV cancelled Beavis and Butthead's companion program Good Vibes this morning after one season, but interestingly enough, the classic series' future may be in turmoil as well.

Deadline reports that conversations about the show's future on the network are still ongoing, which may not mean the end of the revival just yet. However, it's not a clear indication whether or not MTV may want to continue.

The show premiered to 3.3 million viewers, but it eventually dwindled down to 900,000 by the season's end. Granted, it has a very challenging timeslot on Thursday nights, being pitted against regular primetime programs on other networks, but those are quite sad numbers indeed.

The conversations could in fact be for mutliple seasons, a la Futurama, but given the viewership, it's most likely that the network is trying to devise a proper strategy to bring back the duo in a much more successful form, whether it be a timeslot change, or a transistion to the summer months may also be an option.

We'll keep you updated on just what exactly will happen for the often laughing teenagers' future, whether it be cancelled or renewed, when information becomes available.

But, what we want to know is from you: do you think Beavis and Butthead should be renewed? Could the less-than-successful run be due to the declining quality in programming from MTV forming a stereotype for the network (Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, etc.)? Is it simply an older generation not striking gold once more with the next gen? Or, have the fans of the series simply outgrown the humor? Let us know either in the comments below, or tweet us @FilmThrasher on Twitter!