THE NEWS BUNDLE: Kal Penn In Talks to Return to 'House' For Series Finale

Earlier this week, we told you how Olivia Wilde has signed up for the final episode of House's eight year run. After 80 episodes, it only seems right that the actress returned for one final hurrah. However, it was said that another House alumni was in talks to return as well. Now, it seems that identity has been solved: Kal Penn. And interestingly enough, he may not be the only one.

EW reports that Penn is currently in talks with the series to return as Kutner in the series finale of the show. The only problem is just how Kutner left: the doctor committed suicide in the show's fifth season when Penn received a job at the White House. Kutner's appeared in a hallucination, but really that's all. Could Kutner be seen in flashback? Another dream-like sequence? Or, could it in fact be to usher someone to the afterlife?

Using that final speculatory question, TV Line has uncovered that the final arc of the upcoming episodes before the finale will be titled "The C Word". Now, there's no indication as to what exactly that C word is. For all we know, it could be "Cuddy". However, if someone is diagnosed with cancer, they may bite the big one in the finale, prompting Kutner's return.

Furthermore, other past cast members are currently in discussions to return, but talks could easily fall though, and the line up could change at any moment. Which means Penn may not have a place in the finale if they can't creatively find one for him. The final episode of House shoots in two weeks, meaning there will be plenty of time to iron out, or drop, returning cast members.

Interesting note, however, is that by the time House begins to film its final episode, Once Upon a Time should be done filming. Just a heads up Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron) fans...

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