THE NEWS BUNDLE: New Line Cinema Adapting College Novel 'Crazy U'; Will Ferrell To Potentially Star

Will Ferrell's latest film Casa De Mi Padre hasn't attracted much of an audience, while also receiving mixed reviews from critics as well. With a possible Step Brothers sequel filming in the fall, and his next comedy The Campaign hitting theaters this summer, it seems the comedic actor needs another hit. Now, New Line is in the business of acquiring the rights to a novel that may pit Ferrell in the role of a father.

Deadline reports the studio is gaining the rights to Crazy U: One Dad’s Crash Course In Getting His Kid Into College and planning it as a starring vehicle for Ferrell. The actor and frequent partner Adam McKay will be producing with their Gary Sanchez banner, along with Jessica Elbaum, and Kevin Mishner. No word yet on who will write or direct the film.

The book's synopsis reveals more details about the potential film:

Pummeled by peers, creeped out by counselors, and addled by advice books, Andrew Ferguson has come to believe that a single misstep could cost his son a shot at a happy and fulfilling future. He feels the pressure to get it right from the moment the first color brochures land in his mailbox, sent from colleges soliciting customers as though they were sailors come to port.

First is a visit with the most sought-after, most expensive—and surely most intimidating—private college consultant in the nation. Then come the steps familiar to parents and their college-bound children, seen through a gimlet eye: a session with a distracted high school counselor, preparations for the SAT and an immersion in its mysteries, unhelpful help from essay coaches and admissions directors, endless campus tours, and finally, as spring arrives, the waiting, waiting, waiting for the envelope that bears news of the future.

Meanwhile, Ferguson passes on the tips he’s picked up during their crash course. (Tip number 36: Don’t apply for financial aid after midnight.) He provides a pocket history of higher education in America, recounts the college ranking wars, and casts light on the obscure and not-terribly-seemly world of higher-education marketing. And he dares to raise the question that no one (until now) has been able to answer: Why on earth does it all cost so much? Along the way, something unexpected begins to happen: a new relationship grows between father and son, built from humor, loyalty, and (yes) more than a little shared anxiety. For all its tips and trials, Crazy U is also a story about family. It turns out that the quiet boy who pretends not to be worried about college has lots to teach his father—about what matters in life, about trusting your instincts, about finding your own way.

Ferrell would obviously be playing the role of Ferguson, and if it sounds like an interesting subject matter. I think of they really want to be like the novel, they should tackle it from an interesting perspective, along with still including the tips and a possible voiceover along with it ( a la Zombieland).

With the film currently in very early stages, there will be more information to come as the film come to fruition.