THE PULL LIST: News - DC Comics To Release #0 Issues This Fall To Celebrate First Year of The New 52

This September, it will be exactly one year since DC Comics made the bold move of rebooting their entire comics line-up, giving readers all-new stories, origins, characters, and more. The New 52 have definitely seen a mixed bag, especially when it comes to certain titles. Now, DC is ready to turn the clock back once more, revealing that on the month that the move would be honoring it's one year anniversary, the issues won't in fact be numbered 13.

Bleeding Cool (via CBM) reports that for September 2012, DC Comics will be releasing #0 issues, which will serve as prequel versions to the first issues from just a year earlier. However, the issues won't act as a small time gap, with the example of a Year One type of situation. The site says, "This might be the perfect opportunity, say, in Batgirl to show what happened in South Africa. Justice League to show disparate superheroes working a case, but who never meet. Batman, to see where the Owls were the night that the Waynes were murdered. Stuff like that. Rather than One Month Later, it’s more like Five Years Earlier."

Of course, what exactly the issues will consist of have not yet been revealed. DC Comics will likely unveil this at a later time in a smaller window just as they did last June with The New 52 (only three months before the official reboot). BC also says that "there may be some creator credit surprises", which really opens up a realm of possibilities as to who exactly are penning these issues. The list of titles include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batgirl, Green Lantern, Justice League, Red Lanterns, Catwoman, Aquaman, and more.

So, what do you think of DC Comics publishing #0 issues this September? Is it necessary in order to better understand the characters, or would you rather see #13 issues instead? Let us know either in the comments below, or tweet us @FilmThrasher on Twitter!