THE NEWS BUNDLE: First Two New 'Misfits' Cast Members Revealed

Two weeks ago, we learned that Lauren Socha (Kelly Bailey) would not be returning for the fourth series of the popular British drama Misfits. It was yet another blow to the fanbase who had to now cope with the fact that by the time the next all-new episodes of the show roll around, four of the five original main character would have effectively left the series. But now, where there are major gaps in the series' lead roles comes brand new faces.

Screen Terrier has revealed two of the three new cast members that will be taking the places of Socha, Iwan Rheon (Simon Bellamy) and Antonia Thomas (Alisha Bailey).

First up is Karla Crome (Dog Endz) as Jess, who is the female version of Larry David. She's both smart and articulate and will say what everyone else is thinking but does not have the guts to say. She's going to question the social norms and etiquette.

Second to join this revolving cast is Nathan McMullen (Shameless UK) who will be playing Finn. He has a childlike if at times naive and optimistic view on life. He's always eager to please others and is very enthusiastic about life.

News about who the third member to join the cast is still being kept under wraps. It has been revealed that his name will be Alex, that he will be incredibly good looking and that he will show no interest in girls.

Original cast member Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis Donovan) and Joe Gilgun (Rudy Wade), who joined in the show's third series, are both set to return.

Will you still tune in despite all the cast changes? What do you think of the new additions to Misfits?