THE NEWS BUNDLE: New Game Informer Cover Reveals Next 'Gears of War' Will Be Announced Monday at E3!

With E3 literally just days away, the tension is high for gamers and the gaming industry alike. The event is where the biggest announcements of the year are made, and is enough to blow anyone's minds. Last year, Epic Games showcased the trilogy-ending Gears of War 3, which sold well, was received just as highly, and was seen as a fitting end to the story. Now, it seems the developer isn't done just yet. Though they have the upcoming title Fortnite, Epic is coming back to E3 in a big way: an all-new Gears of War game.

Game Informer revealed their July cover, but stayed very quiet on details to the point where they were unable to reveal the game's name. All that's known is that it's the next title in the Gears of War saga, and some are hinting that it may deal with the 79-year-long Pendulum Wars. The announcement will be made at Microsoft's E3 2012 Press Conference, which will be broadcast live on Spike TV starting at 12:30PM on Monday.

The article also teases that the story will highlight "the splendor of the next console generation with our in-depth article on Epic's Unreal Engine 4", meaning the next title may show up on the Xbox 720. Does this mean that Microsoft may be willing to announce that a new console will in fact be coming next holiday?

GI says the cover below is simply one of two, with the second one to be unveiled Monday follow the press conference, along with the teaser trailer, and whatever else Epic Games decides to unveil. For now, see the full teaser cover below, and make sure to check back in next week as we cover the major press conferences at E3.

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