THE NEWS BUNDLE: Release Date, Cover Art, and Special Features Revealed for 'Once Upon A Time: The Complete First Season' DVD and Blu-Ray

The #1 new series from this past year has easily been Once Upon a Time. The ABC fairy tale drama has made Sunday nights a family affair, with a story that not only appeals to the younger ones' favorite characters, but also intrigues the adults with the mysteries and suspense. With a second season clearly on the hoirzon, perhaps the series can make new fans during the summer. ABC Studios have unveiled the first details about the upcoming release on home video for the first season of Once Upon a Time.

Set to be released August 28th, both are already available for pre-order on Amazon. The  DVD is currently 30% off the $45.99 price tag, while the Blu-Ray has the same price cut off of its $59.99 list price. Both will undoubtedly go down even further as the time gap shrinks, but if you'd like to put your money down already, just click the links above.

Each set has a number of five discs that include the first season's 22 episodes, along with the following special features and cover art (click to enlarge):

- Featurettes
      - “Fairy Tales in the Modern World”
      - “Tell Me A Story”
      - “Building Character”
      - “Noble Creatures”
- Audio Commentaries
- Bloopers
- Deleted Scenes
- Easter Eggs

More special features are set to be revealed during the summer, including Blu-Ray exclusive features that currently remain a secret.

Once Upon a Time continues its final two episodes of the season Sundays at 8PM.

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