SUPERNATURAL CON: Rachel Miner Speaks on Her Portrayal of Meg Masters, Kissing Misha Collins and Where Meg's Future Loyalty Lies

Rachel Miner, who plays Meg 2.0. was the second guest panel last night for Creation Media's Salute to Supernatural convention in Parsippany, NJ. With that in mind, Rachel shared with the audience that other then one convention in England, this was her first time attending a U.S. Supernatural Convention. What we received in the process was a lovely women who gushed over the entire cast and team as well proclaiming herself a book geek girl.

The audience present in the room was very happy to have Ms. Miner, with those there naming her their favorite Meg and she got more then a few members proclaim, "You're my girl crush." Her response was always gracious and flattered.

It's no secret that with a new look for Meg, fans wondered just whether or not Miner would prove to be as equally powerful as previous actress Nicki Aycox. When asked if she drew upon the previous actress' work as Meg for her portrayal, Rachel admitted that she hadn't seen Supernatural previously before her casting. But, still feels she kept the basic feel of what Nicki did with Meg in earlier seasons. Furthermore, she also credited the amazing writing team for creating such a fleshed out character that allowed her to really add depth to her performance.

Miner was asked what her favorite scene has been since filming Supernatural, and she responded with a fan-favorite answer, "Kissing Cas?!" She laughed, adding how that's likely what the audience would want her to say. "But honestly Meg is so much fun and has such great lines in every scene that I can't choose just one". She did however emphasize that kissing Misha wasn't exactly a hardship (with a very Meg like smirk).

She was then asked about her thoughts on Meg's relationship with Castiel, and she prefaced her answer with the warning that this was entirely her instinct on the character. She feels like Meg never felt that way about another being, supernatural or human, and doesn't know what to make of it but finds it disorienting at time. She compared it to the first time you like a boy and realize they don't have boy cooties. Miner loves the chemistry the two have, and she states one of her favorite things personally to stem out of the development this past season was having fun with Castiel to the point where she called the angel "Clarence".

As for her other favorite thing about Meg? "I really like all the fun names she comes up with in her quest to mock Dean". This brought up plenty of questions as to what the actress believed where her character's reasons for helping the Winchesters. She thinks Meg is willing to help Winchesters because she felt disjointed and she ultimately needed a new cause. In the future, Rachel thinks Meg could go either way as a volatile character and says it's in the writer's hands to make her friend or foe. But she does like being buddies with the Winchesters and she gushed that being part of the season finale was awesome and badass.

With the actress throwing Meg's possible switching of sides into question, the audience wondered if Meg's loyalty to Lucifer was still present. "Meg is uncertain of her loyalties at this point; she's shifted a bit," she says. "Plus I'd like to think if Castiel needed her she'd always come to his aid". But what about a team-up with Ruby if given the chance? Rachel reveals that after meeting Genevieve Padalecki & just loving her, in her mind Ruby & Meg are now great friends.

Rachel then opened up to some behind-the-scenes stories and spoke about driving the legendary Impala. "It was a fake drive," she revealed unfortunately. "But so cool just pretending! I feels immortalized over being the one to crash it!" As for whether or not her co-stars have been pranked on set, she sadly said she's never been pranked by Jensen & Jared yet. Someone says cause they're scared, which Rachel easily laughed along with agreed she can be scary.

As for what else in the Supernatural universe she loves beyond just the show itself, Rachel mentions that she was sad she doesn't end up in the blooper reel but does love one thing regarding the fans: their own stories! Miner said she would love to read the fan fiction for Meg before she really got into the character in Season 6, and this reveal led to some cheers from the crowd. I can see the fanfic writers starting up their writer engines already...

That's all for Ms. Miner who was lovely and humble an absolute delight!

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Here are a few photos from Rachel's panel (click for a larger look):