THE NEWS BUNDLE: BBC Greenlights 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Movie Special for 2013 [UPDATED]

While we still don't have a premiere date for exactly when Doctor Who will be returning with all-new episodes, the buzz around the series has been as strong as it ever was. The full length trailer for the next installments certainly has had fans excited, while showrunner and writer Steven Moffat is hoping for an emotional farewell to The Eleventh Doctor's prime companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

Following this next round of episodes, the popular sci-fi series will be hitting a large milestone with its 50th Anniversary. Though rumors have been tossed around, including the return of familiar faces from the past, no concrete plans have been set into motion just yet. Today however, that all seems to change as BBC has ordered a movie event that will coincide with The Doctor's celebration.

Deadline reports that BBC has officially greenlit a 90 minute drama called Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time to air in 2013 with the show's 50th Anniversary. Mark Gatiss wrote the film special, which is said to "document the genesis" of the show itself. Moffat and Caroline Skinner will be serving as executive producers on the project.

Via the official BBC press release:

Mark Gatiss said: “This is the story of how an unlikely set of brilliant people created a true television original. And how an actor - William Hartnell - stereotyped in hard-man roles became a hero to millions of children. I’ve wanted to tell this story for more years than I can remember! To make it happen for Doctor Who’s 50th birthday is quite simply a dream come true.”

Steven Moffat, Executive Producer, said: “The story of Doctor Who is the story of television - so it’s fitting in the anniversary year that we make our most important journey back in time to see how the TARDIS was launched.”

An Adventure in Space and Time will be the first Doctor Who movie-special to air since the David Tennant era, in which the actor's Tenth Doctor closed out his run with five specials that aired between Christmas 2008 and New Year's Day 2010. The last film before that was the 1996 movie that gave the short-lived eight incarnation of the character by actor Paul McGann before the show's return with Eccleston in 2005.

We'll keep you updated on the special as more information surfaces.

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