THE NEWS BUNDLE: First Full Trailer for BBC's 'The Hour' Reveals Season 2 Will Deal With Showgirls,The Mob and Police Corruption

This weekend, Ben Whishaw will be introducing himself to a worldwide audience on the big screen not only with the Best Picture buzzed Cloud Atlas but as Bond's new tech genius Q as Skyfall kicks off in the U.K. But before he starts tinkering for Bond, he was passionate journalist Freddie Lyon who uncovered a plot of government manipulation and Communist spies in the first season of last year's period drama The Hour.

Now we are roughly one month away from the season premiere and all we've received so far are a few glimpses of the new episodes via one large programming preview. But today we receive more of a larger look at the season ahead as a 30 second trailer has landed online and reveals that Freddie is in over his head with the mob this time around.

With Freddie back on-screen, it's hard to tell exactly who will be at the helm of The Hour when it returns one year after we left off with Clarence's farewell. Hector certainly seems to have distanced himself from wife Marnie, but it's exactly what this means regarding the romantic tension between he and Bel. But the biggest takeaway is the inclusion of a corrupt police environment and Freddie's desire to uncover it on-air could land him with a pretty hefty price on his head.

UPDATE: Here is the full-length version from BBC:

The Hour returns Wednesday November 28th at 9PM only on BBC America.