THE NEWS BUNDLE: NBC Rumored To Not Pick Up 'Munsters' Reboot 'Mockingbird Lane', Creator Bryan Fuller Says Otherwise

Out of all the projects that have certainly come out of the pipeline in the past year, Bryan Fuller certainly emerged with a big working relationship at NBC. Not only did they greenlight Fuller's prequel series Hannibal from script to series, but they also greenlit production a new take on the classic sitcom The Munsters in the form of family drama Mockingbird Lane. Production was eventually delayed into the summer with a large elaborate set and certainly Fuller's signature style, but has been wrapped for months now with no final word on the show's fate.

But tonight, it seems we have some conflicting words as not only has a report surfaced that perhaps the show could be dead but Fuller has released a statement tonight regarding what we may be in store for in the near future.

THR reports that in a round of Hollywood rumors that NBC was not looking likely to pick up Mockingbird Lane after all. With quite a long wait and the actors currently busy (especially Portia de Rossi and her Arrested Development revival), it seemed like perhaps the big-budget and high-concept drama may not have been worth the risk after all.

However, Fuller then took to Twitter to reveal that initial reports regarding the drop may not be true after all. "NBC just informed me the Deadline article regarding Mockingbird Lane was Dead Wrong," he said. "Stay tuned for updates!"

There is easily a chance that NBC may just be looking for a little damage control until they can actually let down Fuller in person, while there's also the even bigger chance that the network may have put too much money in the pilot to let this one just slip them by. What happens from here on out has yet to be determined, but we'll keep you updated as it progresses.

Fuller penned the script for the pilot, which NBC then ordered four additional scripts for to see exactly how the story would progress beyond the first episode. In the pilot, Portia de Rossi starred as Lily, Jerry O'Connell as Herman and Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster in a reimagined take on the classic series that is said to focus from Herman's point of view. A four minute sizzle reel was showcased at San Diego Comic Con, but since then there hasn't been too much of a reveal on what's to come.

There is no word as for when Mockingbird Lane will make it to air if picked up, but Hannibal is currently slated to debut in Early 2013.