THE NEWS BUNDLE: Anthony Tyler Quinn Says He'd Reprise His Role as Mr. Turner on 'Girl Meets World'

If there is anything that is one of the most debated developments in the history of Boy Meets World, it is the sudden disappearance of actor Anthony Tyler Quinn as Mr. Turner. A vital role in not only the cast's high school experience but also Shawn's character development, the character simply vanished without even so much as a mention until Graduation and the series finale. Now as development increases on the hopeful sequel series Girl Meets World, Quinn is throwing his hat in the ring as an actor hopeful to come back among the main cast.

Speaking with Huffington Post, Anthony Tyler Quinn revealed he would be more than happy to return as Mr. Turner once more in the new series...quite possibly filling the role of Principal Feeny. When asked of a return, he replied "Of course! Boy Meets World was and continues to be these beautiful brushstrokes in my life. It was a wonderful experience, and I think Michael's going to create something fresh. I'd love to be a part of it... Obviously, I think my character would have grown in the eduction field, maybe become an administrator."

Creator Michael Jacobs is back as writer and executive producer, which Quinn absolutely approves of. "If it's done right, I think it'll be wonderful. I think Michael Jacobs is a great writer and producer, and I think if anybody can do it right, he's your man ... I'm really excited it's getting so much buzz."

Now Quinn isn't the only alum to reveal they are open for a return just yet. As we previously reported, Lily Nicksay has revealed she is willing to return as Morgan Matthews after a brief stint as the character before eventually being taken over by actress Lindsay Ridgeway. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are the two main cast members that the project is trying to sign, as the new series focuses on their daughter Riley along with their slightly older son Elliot.

Cory will in fact be playing both father and teacher as one of the few plot details revealed for Girl Meets World places the middle Matthews child as his daughter's seventh grade history teacher. Though John Adams High School might just be a goal down the road, there's no word yet on what familiar places or faces we could see just yet. While the original cast has remained incredibly close over the years, there's no word on who may be willing to return in a guest, recurring or even regular role.

But hey, if there's any chance of finally giving Mr. Turner's abrupt farewell a satisfying conclusion after all these years, count us in.