THE NEWS BUNDLE: Disney Channel Developing 'Life-Size' Sequel, Tyra Banks To Return as Eve

To say Disney has had a major boost of nostalgia as of late may just be an understatement. While the major company has been re-releasing classic on Blu-Ray like crazy, the most anticipated effort recently came in the form of a new pilot in development Girl Meets World, a sequel series to the 90s sitcom Boy Meets World. However one department that Disney Channel has truly not been hitting as well as they used to is their Disney Channel Original Movies. Once released every month, now it's rare when we get to see new efforts on-screen once more.

But it seems that even the DCOMs won't be restricted by a love for the past as one anatomically correct character will be putting on her razzle dazzle raincoat once more for a follow-up over a decade later.

Variety reports that Disney is currently in early stages on a sequel to the 2000 film Life-Size which starred Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks. Banks herself confirmed the report earlier today, while the actress will reprise her role as doll-come-to-life Eve. Along with this, Banks will also serve as executive producer and the first film's original track "Be A Star" will also be making a return as well.

Life-Size revolved around a teenage girl looking to resurrect her mother following her death by casting a spell found in a book of magic. Instead, the spell brings to life her toy doll Eve after the spell is sabotaged. Eve serves as a female role model while she is eventually transformed back into her plastic persona by film's end. There is no story for the sequel just yet, but Disney execs Michael Healy and Nikki Reed are reportedly in talks with screenwriters.

The film originally debuted as a part of ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney with 13.6 million viewers before eventually premiering on Disney Channel in 2001.

No word yet on whether or not Lohan will cameo in the sequel, but the actress is dealing with her own set of issues after the universally panned debut of her biopic Liz & Dick last night on Lifetime. She's not exactly expected, but hey...weirder things have happened.

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