THE NEWS BUNDLE: Saoirse Ronan, Gabriella Wilde and Alicia Vikander To Test For Titular Lead of Disney's Reimagined 'Cinderella'

When it was revealed earlier this week that Cate Blanchett was close to reaching a deal to become the evil stepmother in Disney's reimagined live-action remake of Cinderella, it was clear the mouse house was ready to put the project on the fast track for a theatrical release as soon as possible. While exact details are still slim on the feature that's been in the works for over a year now, the remake has already been drawing comparisons to Disney's other live-action fairy tale in production Maleficent with fellow acclaimed actress Angelina Jolie.

But while we'll have to wait to see cameras role on Cinderella's new pre-midnight ball, Disney may have found their princess-to-be as they've set three young actresses to inch closer to the part.

Variety reports that Saoirse Ronan (The Host), Gabriella Wilde (the upcoming remake of Carrie) and up-and-coming Swedish actress Alicia Vikander are all set to test for director Mark Romanek as they will contend for the titular role of Cinderella.

If successful, Ronan will finally team up with Blanchett after previously being set to play Snow White in the live-action remake Order of the Seven before the film eventually fell through. However, word has it that tis could be Wilde's role to lose as she has been dubbed an actress to watch, especially with the important role of Sue Snell in Carrie. But the key thing to remember is that the role is still open and another actress may be brought in to claim the part.

The script comes from Chris Weitz following a story pitch from Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada).and the new take expands the scope just a bit as Prince Charming is initially "set for a politically arranged marriage" that likely has to do with the kingdom at large. At least...that romance is the plan until it is suddenly threatened when the titular princess meets the man of her dreams at the famous ball before midnight.

No word on how the story has changed since the script entered the care of Weitz, but details are expected to surface as casting goes underway.

No production start is yet set, but given the rate of casting we could see cameras start to role by Spring.