THE NEWS BUNDLE: 'Wreck It Ralph' Supervisor Says Disney Is Working on Traditionally Animated and 'Paperman'-Like Features

As Wreck-It Ralph emerges as a big hit for Walt Disney Animated Studios, it's still easy to point out that the CGI hit is far from the classic animation style that put the company on the map. Though we've seen efforts in recent years such as Home on the Range, The Princess and the Frog and Winnie The Pooh, they are overshadowed in number compared to the number of CGI-animated efforts dished out every year. 

But if there was one bout of animation this year that really blew audiences away was the Disney short Paperman which blended both the traditional 2D animation style with some CGI scenery and effects. Now, one of the leading men behind Wreck-It Ralph hints that in Disney's future we'll not only be reverting back to a classic look but will be utilizing the same type of style that Paperman decided to push.  

Bleeding Cool spoke with Wreck-It Ralph's animation supervisor Renato Dos Anjos and when asked of a traditionally animated approach, Anjos revealed "Well, actually…I’m not going to tell you what but there’s actually something happening right now". Obviously details are slim but with another CGI-animated effort hitting next year with Frozen, it seems that a 2014 or 2015 release is possible.

But as for tapping into the unique look of Paperman, Anjos revealed they are planning a film to revolve around the technology while one project Pet may also make great use of it:

This animator, Patrick Osborne, was working on a project called Pet about a kid who finds this little alien pet thing. That was the first time we saw anything like Paperman where there was this integration of something that looked very different to your regular CG thing. That was more about flat colours. After that, Patrick did another test for one of the feature films that we’re planning on doing. That is a lot more like Paperman, with a little stronger design sense, in that it is rougher drawings, it isn’t as clean as Paperman.

For more from the conversation you can head on over here, while the full interview will be released in the coming months.

We'll keep you posted on all three projects as they develop at Disney.

Paperman is currently in theaters with Wreck-It Ralph.