THE NEWS BUNDLE: The 'Up' Director's 'Untitled PIxar Movie That Takes You Inside The Mind' Reportedly Receives Thankfully Shorter Title

Though Pixar is facing an anticipated future with the prequel Monsters University, they have a number of intriguing projects in development without any immediate titles. While the untitled dinosaur film for 2014 was eventually given the name The Good Dinosaur, it's the next installment in the company's roster that has been an intriguing one as Up director Pete Docter follows up his acclaimed 2009 original feature with a bit more of an ambitious idea as we journey inside the human body. Now, it seems that Disney and Pixar are ready to buckle down as production on the film continues and with it comes a solid working title that finally gives the story a name.

Bleeding Cool reports that a source has told them Pete Docter's "untitled Pixar movie that takes place inside the mind" is close to finding an official title with Pixar allegedly close to announcing it as The Inside Out. The title has yet to be confirmed or registered yet, but the site is told that The Inside Out is the moniker Pixar wants.

Though plot details on the project are currently slim, Pixar's Jon Lasseter described the film back in June as taking place in the head of a little girl with the characters being the emotions inside her mind. From there we get to see how they control what's going on, but exactly how the scope of the plot expands remains to be seen.

Lasseter explains the idea around the project, "You look at people oftentimes and they do something to make you go 'What are they thinking?' or it’s like how a song gets stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out. Little quirky thing alike this that we all do. Certain emotions just seem to take us over, anger or happiness, where you start giggling and laughing and you can’t stop. [Pete] thought 'I want to take a look at that, explain that.'"

If you've ever seen Cranium Command inside Epcot's Wonders of Life, then you sort of get the concept.

The Inside Out is set to be released on June 19th, 2015 with a script from Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Star Wars: Episode VII). We'll keep you posted for when Disney and Pixar announce the official title.