THE NEWS BUNDLE: Watch The Full Pilot Episode of NBC's '1600 Penn' Right Now!

Last night following the performance round of The Voice season finale, NBC gave viewers an early chance to see what's waiting behind The White House in 2013 as they debuted the pilot for the upcoming comedy 1600 Penn weeks in advance. The latest to join the Thursday night line-up, the network has been pushing the newcomer for the past two months with a decent amount of buzz thanks to an impressive main cast of up-and-comers & veterans. Now, it's time to swear in the Gilchrist family as the pilot preview has been released online today by NBC and you can view the full episode for yourself right after the jump.

1600 Penn airs every Thursday night at 9:30PM on NBC starting January 10th.

For more from the pilot episode, make sure to read my review of the series premiere here.

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