THE NEWS BUNDLE: 'Hawaii-Five-0' To Let Viewers Choose An Ending on January 14th Through Twitter

As CBS kicks off their primetime 2013 run tonight with The Big Bang Theory, the hit series on television's #1 network are slowly returning from a month off to ring in the new year. Always on top of their game on Monday nights, Hawaii Five-0 is the procedural hit that keeps on delivering week after week. But now, the series will seek to throw a wrench into the usual formula as they are transcending their typical plans and bringing the fate of the case into your hands.

Hawaii Five-0 will make history and become the first prime time drama to let its audience choose their episode's ending on January 14th.

If the concept of that confuses you, trust me that you are not alone. The episode in question will feature a mystery with three viable suspects that all lead to three different, but I'm sure very compelling, potential endings. Fans will get the chance to vote who they think the killer is on both and Twitter. Still confused? No problem. We'll explain.

The Five-0 team will be investigating the murder of a university professor and introduce three suspects: his boss (who I'm assuming is the Dean), his TA (Teaching Assistant) and one of his bitter students (who was caught cheating). Fans will watch the mystery unfold, be presented all the evidence against the three suspects and then giving the chance to vote on who they think did the crime. The votes will be tallied immediately through Twitter hashtags and the winning ending will air on live TV.

What's even more exciting is that both east coast and west coast viewers will have their chance to vote. So that means that fans on the east coast won't be spoiling any of the west coast viewers even if they post the ending they got in social media. The episode could end up with two different endings on the same night. But if you're curious to see all three endings, don't worry because CBS will post all three alternate endings on their site for all to see.

Why are they doing this you may ask? Hawaii Five-0 Executive Producer Peter Lenkov has an answer for you. “I’ve always felt the most fun aspect of watching a mystery is trying to figure out whodunit. Now the Hawaii Five-0 viewers will actually get the chance to tell us who they think committed the crime and we will listen.”

Think of it as playing live Clue.

So who's it gonna be? The Dean, the TA or the student? Make sure to tune in on January 14th to find out! And don't forget to vote!