THE NEWS BUNDLE: 'Metalocalypse' Director Starts Kickstarter for Documentary Detailing Tim Burton & Kevin Smith's 'Superman Lives'

With Man of Steel returning Superman to the big screen for the first time in seven years, the DC Comics icon has had plenty of time inbetween films in the past but not for lack of trying. Though 2006's Superman Returns marked the first big screen venture for the hero in 19 years, the 90s brought us the attempted (and ultimately failed) feature Superman Lives. Promoted and on track to be filmed with director Tim Burton and writer Kevin Smith along with Nicolas Cage set to play the lead superhero, the project ultimately lost its footing and was quickly scrapped never to be heard from again...

That is, until the internet truly became a massive information highway and concept art, test photos, costume designs, set stills and more all have made their way online sporadically across the past decade. Now, the greatest Superman film never made is under the spotlight again and this time it is the subject of a new documentary that has surfaced on Kickstarter and isquickly gaining buzz.

Jon Schnepp, who has been a part of Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Metalocalypse, The Venture Brothers and more, has begun a Kickstarter today looking to create a documentary on Superman Lives. Here is more about the film from Schnepp himself:

The film is aiming to gain a budget of $98K by Early March, of which at the time of this posting has a total of $14K already. Schnepp's goal is to film the documentary before July so that it will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, with a release of the film this December. Even more intriguing, Schnepp says that if the project goes over budget, he'll attempt to create scrapped scenes from Superman Lives.

For more information, including what rewards you can obtain for contributing, you can head over to the full page here.

Ultimately, this seems like an awesome project that quite honestly I'm sure many would want to see. The notion of Schnepp possibly interviewing Burton or Smith themselves would be fantastic to see and we'll certainly be keeping you updated as the project commences.

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