THE NEWS BUNDLE: Anna Kendrick Seduces The Anti-Christ in Red Band Trailer for 'Rapturepalooza'

This year certainly seems to be the year for comedy to tackle the apocalypse. Though Seth Rogen is reuniting quite a few familiar friends for a star-studded directorial debut This Is The End in what could be the top comedy of the Summer, Edgar Wright is reuniting friends of his own to round out his own loose trilogy in The World's End. But now, the co-writer of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure assembles some blooming talent for an entry in the genre that may just be the weakest compared to the aforementioned in Rapturepalooza.

In between blood rainstorms and talking locusts and other fun post-religious apocalyptic events main characters Ben and Lindsey (John Francis Daley and Anna Kendrick) are trying to run a sandwich shop. Things get even more interesting when the Anti-Christ (Craig Robinson) chooses Lindsay to be his new bride.

Co-starring Rob Corddry, Ana Gasteyer, Rob Huebel, Ken Jeong, Paul Scheer, John Michael Higgins and more under the direction of Paul Middleditch, Rapturepalooza will be released sometime later this year by Lionsgate.