THE NEWS BUNDLE: 'The Legend of Korra' Voice Actress Reveals Season 3 Already in Production

While the new episodes are in the middle of color correction and the first two official images of the season released, there is still no word as to when The Legend of Korra Season 2 will air. Highly anticipated following an acclaimed first year and a sequel to an incredibly popular franchise, exactly how long we have until the Avatar gang is back on our small screen remains to be seen. But now it's been revealed that with four total seasons already set, the wait following the second might not be as long.

In an interview with IGN when asked to talk about the upcoming second season, actress Seychelle Gabriel briefly paused saying, "I'm sorry, Season 2 is so far gone. We're already doing Season 3 now so everything's so muddled." This is the first announcement regarding the production of the third season and exactly how early into development the season is has yet to be determined.

There is no timetable for The Legend of Korra Season 3, but it's expected to hit Nickelodeon sometime in 2014.

Check out more of what Gabriel had to say regarding Asami's immediate future:

Book Two "Spirits" picks up six months after the first season finale as Korra has become the fully realized Avatar. Asami is determined to get the Sato Company back on track, while Mako actually becomes a member of the police in order to use his bending for good. Bolin on the other hand is still trying to find his place.

Korra's Uncle Unalaq will be mentoring Korra through the ways of the spirits, as he is very in touch with the spirit world. Experiencing more of Korra's parents along with her aforementioned extended family, we'll also be meeting Korra's cousins Eska and Desna. 

Among other new characters this season, Bumi and Tenzin's sister Kya will be joining the crowd as a "hippie looking" waterbender, while we'll also meet Southern Water Tribe male teenager Verick who will clash with Bolin.

Nickelodeon has yet to announce the return of The Legend of Korra, but we'll keep you posted.