FTTV: 'Castle' Preview - Five Things To Know About The Season 5 Finale "Watershed"

ABC released the Castle season finale screener to the media on Friday and after watching it I can honestly say, I'm speechless. And not just because I can't, nor want, to give spoilers.

We've heard various cast members describe the episode as "emotional, tension-filled, intense" and while I agree with all of those things, you'll need to watch and form your own opinion. So to satisfy your Castle needs, I've thrown together a handful of preview teasers to help quench your thirst for what's to come.

1. Stana Katic displays emotion like it's going out of style. (That's like every episode, right?!)

Girl has major skills; that's nothing new. I would just like to reaffirm how talented Stana is, especially in this episode. Throughout the finale, she plays stoic, emotional, badass and the list goes on. She has a number of emotional scenes, but one key interrogation scene stands out for me. She's definitely the driving force of this episode.

2. Alexis finally opens up about Paris...sort of.

Finally. We haven't heard Castle or Alexis bring up the Paris kidnapping that took place midseason, but that all changes in the finale. We'll now see what Alexis has been dealing with and exactly what she's going to do about it. Molly Quinn spoke with our friends over at BuddyTV about what Alexis is going through.

3. Esposito knows Beckett very well.

Javier Esposito has known Kate Beckett a very long time. He's a trusted friend. A partner. And brother. He can read her like a book and does just that.

4. Parents just don't understand -- or do they?

First off, I love Jim Beckett. I wish we'd get to see him more often in a season. He always has the best advice or words of wisdom if you will, and I'll leave it at that. And Martha, well she's always gives her insightful point of view.

5. Even we don't know how the episode ends.

ABC is keeping this finale very close to the vest. The screener that was released is only about 41 minutes long, do the math - they're keeping the last few minutes under wraps until the show airs on Monday night. I've never got a screener where the final scene was left off, so what does that say? Do you know how hard it is to watch a season finale and have the key moments taken away from you? Torture. Is it 10:55 PM on Monday yet?

Here's an extra tidbit for you guys: buckle up because the first 41 minutes is one hell of an intense ride. 

Without seeing the final scene, I'm not comfortable talking about anymore than what I've said already. But there are several nods or subtexts that make me think a particular way. I've always been on the side of remaining positive and I'll continue that. It's not much, but hopefully this helps until Monday.

Be sure to check back with us for our full Castle recap right after "Watershed" has aired. But in the meantime, what are your thoughts? How do you think it will end or how do you want it to end?