THE NEWS BUNDLE: Hank Looks Pissed While Jesse Seems Zoned Out in New Final Season Teaser Promos for 'Breaking Bad'

In just one month, it is officially the beginning of the end for Walter White as the final episodes of Breaking Bad begin to air on AMC. So far, the story has been kept tightly under wraps with only a vague title teaser and our lead anti-hero slapped on a poster as the only promotional material thus far. But as we narrow the gap, promotion is expected to start really rolling out for one heart-pounding final saga.

Now two character teasers have debuted giving us just brief glimpses of both Jesse and Hank, the latter of the pair looking quite angry...possibly picking up from last year's major cliffhanger.

Breaking Bad will debut its final eight episodes Sunday August 11th at 9PM. It will be accompanied by a half-hour talk show spin-off Talking Bad at 11PM, of which details are still currently developing as there is no word on a host.