FTTV Reviews...Reign 1.18 "No Exit"

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*WARNING* Spoilers follow for this week's episode. Read on at your own caution.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: The Jennings Aren't Going Anywhere - FX Renews 'The Americans' for Season 3

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FTTV Reviews...Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.18 “Providence”

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Well, that escalated quickly. They promised that this week we would get some answers though and they weren’t kidding! But after this little time jump, there will be plenty of spoilers so you might want to avert your eyes if you haven’t seen tonight’s explosive episode yet.

*WARNING* Full spoilers follow for this week's episode. Read on at your own caution.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: First Trailer for 'If I Stay' Finds Chloe Grace Moretz In Limbo

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By Summer's end, a number of best-sellers will be hitting the big screen as they're brought to life by a wave of impressive talent. Among them, If I Stay looks to aim for both a romantic and dramatic sweet spot as Chloe Grace Moretz embodies a teenage girl who's life hits a major crossroads after an unexpected twist.

Now, the first trailer for the adaptation has arrived certainly flexing an emotional core while something much more important hangs in the balance for Moretz's lead.

FTTV Reviews...Fargo 1.01 "The Crocodile's Dilemma"

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Throughout this television season, we've seen a number of hit films hit the small screen changed one way or another. While last month brought From Dusk Till Dawn and About A Boy, one of the most anticipated since its announcement early last Fall was FX's limited series commitment to reinvent a Coen Brothers favorite in Fargo. As a highly impressive cast and a wave of teasers helped to drive buzz, whether or not the modern classic could be faithfully reimagined to television still had yet to be seen.

So, did the series premiere prove to present a promising introduction or a tribute that falls flat in the snow?

THE NEWS BUNDLE: Wolverine Reunites A Disbanded Team in Final Trailer for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

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With Captain America: The Winter Soldier kicking off the year's superhero blockbuster festivities with a major box office bang, X-Men: Days of Future Past seeks to continue the stretch as the Summer movie season begins. Painting a promising union between the original trilogy stars and the First Class cast, marketing has been in full swing recently as the mutants are on the final verge of potential extinction.

Now tonight, 20th Century Fox has debuted the final full-length trailer for the film as Wolverine's arrival in the past causes him to shake things up and reform a team packed with complicated relationships.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: Ben Affleck Is Under A Media Microscope In First Trailer for 'Gone Girl' from Gillian Flynn & David Fincher

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With a slate packed of YA adaptations looking to either begin or start franchises, Gone Girl is an anticipated leap from the page to the big screen that looks to turn heads as the hit book comes alive with an intriguing cast and crew. So far in 2014, however, promotion regarding the film has been quiet as we have until later this Fall to wait for the film's theatrical bow.

But now, the first trailer for Gone Girl has arrived online to paint an intriguing visual teaser that focuses on the couple at the center of our story, the media surrounding our male lead and the delicate web of media attention, mystery and suspicion he soon finds himself entangled within.

FTTV Reviews...Clarence 1.01 "Fun Dungeon" & "A Pretty Great Day with A Girl"

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