FTTV Reviews...Wilfred 1.13 "Identity"


After a long season of hit or miss episodes, one of my guilty pleasure is finally coming to an end (on a side note, have I really been reviewing Wilfred for 12 weeks now?). In this week's season finale, Ryan may actually start standing up for himself against Wilfred's advice, but is that such a good idea. And with a pregnancy shocker, what will happen with someone in Ryan's personal life? Furthermore, can the season finale end the season on a high note?

Ryan ignores Wilfred’s advice, creating an existential crisis for both of them.

The season ended on a fantastic note, not because of the laughs exactly which were surprisingly scarce this week, but the story was more focused than ever. In fact, Elijah Wood's performance tonight was perhaps my favorite all season. In the end, the season finished in a way that already has me craving the show's second season.

I need to get this out of the way: Elijah Wood's acting chops glistened with fierce power tonight. For twelve episodes, he was a simply guy trying to make his odd life work, throughout plenty of crazy situations. This time, however, Ryan was a ruthless machine, and incredibly badass, if I can say so myself. He had this confident swagger about him that was so refreshing to the character and brought some fresh air into the dynamic.

However, we've learned that there is a reason why we normally don't see this Ryan. He's not supposed to be the manipulative one, he's supposed to be the responsible one. And boy, did Ryan learn this the hard way. After seemingly getting Jenna into the palm of his hand, and having Kristin, who we learned is having an affair, pee in a cup to save Jenna's job, things went horribly wrong, setting up plenty of major cliffhangers to leave viewers dangling.

Jenna's botched piss cup was in fact clean, but also...she was pregnant! Which meant, Kristin was pregnant, but not to Jenna's knowledge. Jenna forced herself into an engagement to Drew because of the baby, tugging away from Ryan once more. A pregnant Kristin, however, was left by her husband after confessing the affair, and ran off to India with her boy toy, declaring Ryan dead in the process for making her confess. 

But, how did we get here? Wilfred jumped in front of a car to let Ryan switch out the piss cups. In the process, Wilfred was injured badly, but the doctor insists he'll be fine. Ryan goes to Wilfred's room, declaring that he needs Wilfred because he can't be this manipulative person anymore. Wilfred's response? An amnesic "Who are you"? 

After the dog freaks out, Ryan remembers that Wilfred, earlier in the episode, had jot down a will in the basement. Ryan runs to his house to retrieve the will, when the most shocking revelation occurs: the basement is not a basement. It's a closet, of which inside lies a dog bed, and a tennis ball. Ryan's reaction was pretty much like the audience's: mouth wide open!

For all the writing quips I've given throughout the season, I suddenly take back. Not only did they provide us with a few laughs (Wilfred: "Bubbles!"; those moments were hilariously priceless), but provided one of the most shocking endings to a season I've seen this year. It provided so many cliffhangers to keep even the most casual fans clamoring for the next episode right away.

To see a different side of Ryan was pretty awesome, and despite the screw ups portrayed in tonight's episode, I really do hope we get to see more of "the archaeologist" in the second season. This entire season finale ws incredibly well acted by everyone, including Chris Klein's bumbling boyfriend character.

The story even stuck with the week's theme as well! Identity spoke in more ways than one: the identity of the piss cup, Ryan's different take on someone who he's not, and Wilfred's amnesia. In a lot of ways, the theme cheekily pops up in various parts of the episode by the final minutes, and its just another testament to the great job the writers did tonight.

It took a bit for "Identity" to get going, and the laughs were sadly not as consistent as last week, but the writing was incredible this week, and ended the season in an amazing fashion. I'm actually sort of proud I've stuck with the little show that could. I believe it's starting to finally take its unique form, and tonight's cliffhangers were geniusly intertangled and blew the lid off of the mythology with a final twist.

I can confirm this though: there will be plenty more Wilfred reviews to come here on the site.

9 Bubble Machines out of 10

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