THE NEWS BUNDLE: Extended Sneak Peek of The 'Community' Season 4 Premiere As The Hunger Deans Begin

It's been a long and bumpy road for the fourth season for Community, who after an unexpected four month bump finds our study group back in their usual timeslot in their first year without creator and ex-showrunner Dan Harmon. Now that the time is limited not only for Chevy Chase but head writer Megan Ganz as well while we celebrate the major holidays much later than originally planned, it's what exactly Greendale has to offer this year that remains to be seen. However kicking off the new episodes will be a spoof of The Hunger Games as Dean Pelton sets up "The Hunger Deans". Now, we get to discover why he creates the competition in our first extended clip of the Season 4 premiere.

Community Season 4 premieres Thursday February 7th at 8PM only on NBC.